L O C A L   T I M B E R   P O T
About Local Timber Pot
Local Timber Potは、各地の山を愛し、憂う人々により立ち上がったプロジェクトです。
その土地に即したTimber Pot を製作・販売することを目的としています。
“LOCAL Timber Pot” is the gr assroots project founded by local people who love and care for mountains throughout Japan. We collaboratively produce and sell “LOCAL Timber Pot”, a wood-turned flower pot that is originated from each local area, for reducing “thinned tree s” to waste and solving issue s regarding SATOYAMA in Japan.

 六甲 Rokko
港町神戸の人々にとって六甲山は特別な存在です。 六甲山の木樹は曲がりくねったものや直径の小さなものが 多く、建築用材としては不向き。しかし、それは逆に言えば、 ひとつひとつの木に個性があるということです。私たちは それらの木材に、デザインの力で光をあてたいと考えてい ます。

Mt. Rokko is special to local people in Kobe, one of the largest port towns in Japan. Most of the tree s in Mt. Rokko are gnarled or have small diameters, which are not suitable for construction materials. However, each of them has a unique identity. We shed a light on it by de sign and craftsmanship.


 大阪 Osaka
大阪松原を拠点に活動するNakajima woodturning studio代表、中島信太郎氏は製材所の端材や風倒木といった廃材を有効利用したいと願い、木のうつわ作りを始めました。木々に美しい形や新しい価値を付加し、長く愛されるモノ作りを目指しています。

Shintaro Nakajima, a woodturner and the representative of Nakajima Woodturning Studio in Matsubara, Osaka, produces wood-turned vessels from waste wood, such as wind-fallen trees and lumber remnants at sawmills. He creates beautiful shapes and adds new value to woodthrough trusted craftsmanship.


 四万十 Shimanto

Shimanto Forestry Cooperative is engaged in managing vast forest near the Shimanto River. The forest nurtures rich soil and beautiful river. It preserves the forest by properly growing and thinning trees while it trains young forest workers.

 吉野 Yoshino

Yoshino has one of the most beautiful forests in Japan. Yoshino Japanese-cedar, whose rings are neatly lined up, has strength, fine grain, rich aroma and bactericidal effect, which is the best suitable to Japanese casks for Japanese sake and soy sauce. Therefore, the local production of casks was thriving from 17th century to the early 20th century; contributing to preserving forest, such as maintaining forest resources and developing the local forestry.